Favorite Reads from 2016 {Sonlight’s Core G}


Anders, 11

           My two favorite books this school year (Core G) were Mystery of the Roman Ransom by Henry Winterfeld and The Golden Goblet by Eloise Jarvis McGraw. Mystery of the Roman Ransom is a historical mystery about a group of boys in Ancient Rome who buy their teacher a servant for his birthday. This turns out to be the beginning of their big adventure because the servant is actually a secret messenger. The message he is carrying requests the assassination of one of Rome’s senators, who is also one of the boys’ fathers. They have to find out who the target is and stop the assassin before he is successful. It is exciting to read how they figure out this mystery and save Rome.

The Golden Goblet is another exciting historical mystery that takes place in Ancient Egypt. Ranofer, the main character, wants nothing more than to be a Master Goldsmith like his dead father. But, he is forced to do what his evil, tomb-robbing, half-brother Gebu wants him to do. Until, Ranofer finds a priceless golden goblet in Gebu’s room with the name of an ancient pharaoh carved on it. He knows he must stop his half-brother from robbing tombs, but how can do that? It is fun to read about what happens to Ranofer and to find out how he stops Gebu and his evil friends from robbing the pyramids of their many treasures.

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