Favorite Reads from 2016 {Sonlight’s Core E}

Here are Knud’s favorite books from this past school year:


Knud, age 9

My favorite read-alone book was All-of-a Kind-Family by Sydney Taylor. It is a story about an immigrant family living on the Lower East Side of New York City in 1912. There are five girls living in this family. We have a big family, too—but not all girls! What I liked about this story was how the girls were kind to each other and helped each other. There was one time that Sarah, the third oldest, lost her library book because she had shared it with a friend. The librarian said she had to pay a dollar for the lost book. Sarah was so sad. She had been saving her pennies to buy a doll with real hair. Her sisters decided to help her pay the fine, so she could still get the doll she wanted. This is a great book about a family that cares for each other.

I really liked Usborne’s The World Wars. It is an action-packed, picture-filled book about World War I and II. It describes the events that took place before, during and after the World Wars. I especially liked hearing about the aircraft they used and the stories of people who fought in the wars. You will learn a lot about these two world-wide events when you read this book.

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