Let’s Master Multiplication!

We love Math-U-See’s curriculum! All of my kids have benefited from the instruction and structure of this math program. But, although we are not yet at the end of a school year, my Gamma girl is “finished” with her math for the year.  (Math-U-See’s Gamma is a 30 week multiplication curriculum and our school year is 36 weeks :).

Like you, I don’t want my children experiencing the summer slide–especially since summer hasn’t officially begun around here. So, this is what we do:

Slide1Mastering Multiplication is great for review!




For each number, 2-16, your students will review skip counting with that number (multiples) and apply it. They will write equations, solve the arrays, determine factors, create equivalent fractions and answer simple word problems.


Then we review that number’s standard units of measure and apply it with real-life examples.


Mastering Multiplication also reviews squares and prime numbers. And the fluency sheets are the icing on this math-cake! Your Gamma kids are going to LOVE this review and you will have the next four weeks of math covered!

Grab a copy this weekend (Saturday & Sunday, 14-15 May) from my TPT store for 20% off!!!


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