New Star Wars Decor sets!

Here are a couple new, fun sets for your Star Wars-themed classroom…Pick Me Lightsabers and Jedi Door Decor!

These “Pick Me!” lightsabers are a fun addition to your name choosing system. Simply print the figures and hilts on cardstock, (laminate, if desired) and cut them out leaving a little white space around the outside. Glue them to the backing of your choice–I picked foam-core. Next, cut the figures out with an X-ACTO knife.

Now, you’ll add the lightsaber blade–I used jumbo craft sticks. Secure them with some glue, or a couple of glue dots. You can write your students’ names on the craft sticks, or print and attach labels.

How cute will your classroom door be with these guys on it?

Print the characters (left and right facing figures included for each) on cardstock and laminate, if desired.

Using the editable file, type your students’ names on the lightsaber blades. Then print them on your favorite paper (I used a variety of Astrobrights). Cut and slide the blades behind the hilts.

Enjoy the cuteness! Both sets are 50% off for the next 48 hours!


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