Play-Doh ABC Fun!

Here is a super FUN addition to your “Letter of the Week” program. It is hands-on, loaded with great learning, and lots of FUN!  We all know kids who love to create with Play-Doh.  As a mom of seven, I have “eaten” quite a few Play-Doh cookies.  With Play-Doh ABC FUN  your students will have FUN while learning (now what mom/teacher doesn’t love that)! Your students will work on their fine motor skills as they learn the shapes of uppercase and lowercase letters, each letter’s sound, practice counting from 1-12 and exercise their creativity on every page.


To really enjoy these sheets will need:

*Play-doh (I’ve included a recipe for one that lasts forever!!) 3 colors
*Plastic knife
*Garlic press tool
*Silly Putty (to use with Q)
*Play-Doh Number stamps (optional)
*Play-Doh cookie-cutter or press to use with N
*Page protector (or, if you love to laminate, you can do that instead!)

With my younger children I pre-roll the dough (two “snakes” with two of the colors; a “pancake” with the third color; and an unshaped piece of the third color).  Your students will lay the “snakes” on the letter and bend, or cut it to make the right shape. I like to use number stamps for the counting portion on each sheet. If you don’t have these, just have your students cover the right answer with their Play-Doh “pancake.” The final frame allows your students to get creative with the target sound.

Play-DohABC Prv1










Have some fun with your students this week–enjoy this FREEBIE from Play-Doh ABC FUN. Just click the link below the picture to download!


Play-Doh ABC LetterH

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