Star Wars Jedi Centers for Number Sense & Counting 0-10

New math centers for your Jedi half off until Sunday!

This set of STAR WARS JEDI CENTERS is loaded with Number Sense, Counting, and One-to-One Correspondence activities for the numbers 0-10.

Each numeral is represented with a Star Wars character ten frame, Lightsaber tally marks, Death Star dominoes, Tie Fighter dice, stars, money, counting fingers, and in its number word form.

“I CAN” Droid Direction cards for independent work are included for each activity.

Your students will:
** Sort Odd and Even numerals
** Identify numerals that are Greater Than, Less Than and Equal to others
** Identify Before and After numbers
** Count-On from a given number
** Count Back from a given number
** Complete a variety of Number Sense/One-to-One Correspondence activities for each numeral (counting fingers, number word and money; tally marks, dice and stars; ten frame and domino)

Three One-to-One Correspondence Mats are included for any target number (1. Number word, ten frame, Lightsaber tally marks and stars; 2. Number word, counting fingers, money and Tie Fighter dice; 3. Number word, ten frame, Lightsaber tally marks and Death Star dominoes).

Sort counting fingers, numeral word, and money for each number

Sort lightsaber tally-marks, tie fighter dice and counting stars for each number

Your students can compare any of the numeral tiles in these activities.

Hook two Count On or Count Back strips together to challenge your students.

There are six “THE NUMBER” recording sheets to asses what your students have learned after they have completed a variety of the centers. These sheets ask your students to complete various tasks including:
** Identifying if the target number is odd or even
** Writing the number word
** Dotting the ten frame
** Counting the number by circling or coloring objects or drawing their own
** Showing the number on dice, dominoes and fingers
** Drawing the number as tally marks
** Identifying the numbers that come before and after
** Identifying numbers that are greater or less than the target number
** Counting on, or back from the number.

Grab them today while they are on sale! Your Jedi are going to love them!

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