Kindergarten Jedi

If you have four boys like I do, you probably have a few lightsabers lying around your house.  Here are some printables especially designed for your youngest padawans.  New today! Kindergarten Jedi is loaded with great literacy and math learning.  Best of all, your little ones will have FUN with every activity.


The literacy printables include:
**Solo’s Sound Wars–a word-building game that will improve your students’ sound/letter recognition and blending skills. It includes double consonants and true blends so your students at all learning levels will LOVE it!

**Jedi ABC Order

**Wookie has a Cookie—rhyming words

**Stormtrooper’s Letter S

**Roll it, Say it, Trace it—lowercase letters

**Circle the Letter Match

**Vader’s Swap the Vowel—Replace the vowels to form new words and match them to their picture.

**Leia’s Sounding out CVCs—Spin for a beginning and ending consonant. Form a word with “a” and decide whether it is real or nonsense.

**Vader’s Vowel Sort—Sort the Slide3consonants from the vowels.

**Vader’s Vowels—A responsive reader focusing on the short vowel sounds.

**Chewie’s Listen to the Vowel—Listening for the long and short a & i vowel sounds and sorting the pictures.

**Star Wars Sight Word—”the”—Getting to know the sight word “the” and the Star Wars characters.





The math printables include:
**Counting Strips—Star Wars figures that are used on the next three pages for counting.

*Slide1*Luke’s Flip it, Name it and Count it—using dominoes

**R2-D2’s Roll One & Add 2

**R2-D2’s Roll Two & Subtract 2

**R2-D2’s Roll Two & Add

**Star Wars Count, Tally & Graph

**Han’s Numbers 1-6 Match & Write—Number recognition and handwriting practice.

**Leia’s Spin 2 & Add

**C3PO’s Spin and Subtract 3; Count by 3




You can WIN a copy of KINDERGARTEN JEDI at Teacher’s Notebook.  Just click on the image below to enter the giveaway (now through May 3rd).






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