Teaching Correct Letter Formation

How do you teach correct letter formation?  I like to begin with Handwriting Without Tears’ wood pieces (for capitals) and the chalkboard. But, what do you do to reinforce this initial instruction? I’ve found these Alphabet Letter Formation and Recognition Cards to be so helpful that I just had to share them with you!

The correct letter formation that is demonstrated on each card is similar to that taught by Handwriting Without Tears. Your students will always begin at the happy face and follow the arrows and dotted lines, pause at the larger dots and stop at the stop sign.

We use the bottom portion of each card for:

  • handwriting practice
  • letter recognition (we use these alphabet manipulatives)
  • lowercase/capital letter matching (with handwriting or manipulatives) and
  • beginning sound identification (using miniatures)

Included in this set are twelve “I CAN” task cards that visually demonstrate the target activities–helping your students to work independently:

I like using pencil boxes to hold these activities. They are perfectly sized for organized, individual and interactive seat-work. Simply put the task card and letter formation cards in the pencil box, plus any manipulatives your students will need to complete the task.

You can grab this set TODAY and TOMORROW for 50% off! Check it out here.

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