New! My Digital Alphabet

We are rolling out a new series! These highly visual, interactive Google Slides activities will be a wonderful addition to your Letter of the Week curriculum. My Digital Alphabet is loaded with interactive F-U-N!

My Digital Alphabet will help your K and Pre-K students–

LEARN correct letter formation

IDENTIFY uppercase and lowercase letters and letter pairs

RECOGNIZE the letter’s sounds (including long and short, hard and soft sounds)

ASSOCIATE the letter sound with objects/vocabulary

Here is a look inside Letter D:

A fun way to practice correct letter formation! Grab a car and follow the signs.
These might not be wooden blocks, but they are just as effective tools for practicing letter formation.
Sorting uppercase and lowercase letters was never such fun!
Make the letter pairs complete–click, drag ‘n drop.
Can you find all of the uppercase D’s on the drinks?
How about the lowercase d’s on this dinosaur?
Let’s make sure we know this letter pair–what do you say ducklings?
And now, listen to the D sound!
Can you hear the different sounds? Show me which ones begin with D.
A fun application–a sequence activity and matching lowercase to uppercase letters. This activity is part of an existing set you can find here.
Where does a dog sleep? Where can you find a dolphin? What is the little girl holding? Let’s use our new vocabulary in context with 6 fun association puzzles!

So are you ready to TRY it? I know your students are going to love working on each slide! You can try Letter D for FREE! After you have some fun with the movable pieces, hop over and grab the My Digital Alphabet Growing Bundle! By next weekend, the price will have gone up. It will never be this low again.

REMEMBER: These activities are formatted for use on Google Slides. If you aren’t familiar with this platform, it saves changes–every change. Once you download your copy of the freebie, be sure to find “Version History” under the “File” tab. You can click on it to see all revisions and restore your copy to its original condition after each student has used it.

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