If You Lived in Alaska…

Can you believe it?!? Snow on September 30th?


Yep.  If you lived in Alaska, today would be your first “snow day.”  I’m a bit too much of a Florida Cracker to really embrace snow in September.  But, the kids–oh, man!  They were all giggles and smiles.  The ground isn’t frozen, so sledding wasn’t happening. But lots of snowballs flew. And the older kids got some training using the snowblower.

Hope your last day of September was a good one!


Word Work in a Snap!

Here is a great way to assess how your kinders are doing with their letter sounds, word building and sight word memorization.  Word Work in a Snap!  has a page for every letter; reviews long and short vowel sounds (as well as soft and hard sounds); has guided CVC and CVCC word building; and provides a great review of Pre-Primer, plus a few Primer, sight words. We started using these FUN worksheets last summer. They are a great review!


On each sheet your students will:


**1**WRITE the capital and lowercase target letter (prompts provided).

**2**IDENTIFY all pictures that begin with that letter’s sound (or end with the sound for the letter ‘x’). Use this section to assess your student’s phonemic awareness and understanding of long and short vowel sounds as well as hard and soft ‘c’ and ‘g’ sounds.

**3**BUILD CVC and a few CVCC (no true blends) words for each picture. Letter formation prompts are provided in this section to encourage accurate handwriting.

**4**MAGNIFY two sight words in the final picture.

**5**WRITE these sight words in the text boxes and on handwriting lines. This section focuses on a review of Pre-Primer and a few Primer sight words.

**6**FIND the two sight words among a framed box of various word choices and DOT them.

>The sight words in this pack include: and, away, big, blue, come, came, do, down, ate, eat, for, you, go, get, here, help, in, is, jump, on, make, black, look, like, me, my, not, now, one, out, play, please, say, said, red, run, see, saw, to, the, up, under, have, not, we, where, find, funny, yellow, yes, three, little.

Would you like to give WORD WORK in a SNAP! a try?  Grab this {FREEBIE}.


Sight Word Crafts

Each week I like to have a craft for my kindergartener to complete.  But, I don’t just want him coloring, cutting, and gluing for fun. No!?!  I want him learning! So we have been working on tying our craft time in with our sight word work. And it has been so FUN! Here are a couple of sight word crafts he completed these last two weeks.  These were for the words “do” and “jump.


Do you like my party hat?


Of course, some of my other kids enjoy the crafts, too :). And here is what we did for “jump.” Finn loved making his frog.


Finn’s frog can jump.

Both of these crafts are part of our Ultimate Sight Words pack that will be available later this fall.


Check out the Ultimate Sight Words {1st Series} and see all that is part of this phonemic learning tool!

Hope your school year is off to a great start!