Ultimate Sight Words Special VALENTINE’S Series!!


I’m so EXCITED to share the Ultimate Sight Words Special VALENTINE’S Series with you!! It has been such fun for us to work on! It is LOADED with great hands-on learning, plus lots of engaging activities to get the whole gang ready for Valentine’s Day. Take a look:


The front of each Valentine Sight Word sheet is very similar to the Spot the Sight Word sheets of Series 1& 2 . But, the back is something new!  Here, your students will practice drawing–sometimes just tracing, other times finishing a drawing or coming up with their own original artwork!


And the crafts in this special series are Valentine’s Day Cards!!! Aren’t they cute?! Your students will find the sight words and Valentine’s nouns that they are learning on these cards. They’ll then use them to write a special Valentine!


And what would one of our sight word packs be without a FUN game?!? Candy Craze will get your students reading, building sentences with their sight words and drawing (Pictionary-style).



And this series has additional math and literacy work that you can use well beyond Valentine’s Day!



The Valentine’s Party Planning Booklet has been such a help for us in reviewing the basics of writing names, dates, and time.  Plus, the learning/re-learning our home address (street address, city, state and zip code) and phone number–vital information all of our kids should master :)!

The math sheets review counting, number order, finishing equations, graphing, addition and subtraction within 10 and 20, writing amounts of money, skip counting and shape recognition–GREAT learning and LOADS of FUN!


You’ll find the Ultimate Sight Words Special VALENTINE’S Series on sale at my TPT store through Monday.  You also can enter to win your own copy here! Hope you LOVE it as much as we have!


Division Robots

One of the things I have always loved about mathematics is the “plug-and-chug” method.  You give me a formula and some numbers…and vola!…I give you an answer. It is neat, clean, and organized–I love it!

Long division, and its myriad of steps, is the first opportunity your students will have “plugging and chugging.” It isn’t quite as neat and tidy as equations they will learn in Algebra or Calculus, but it does embody a series of steps–that, if performed accurately in the same order, for every problem, the right answer will result. And, there is even a formula for checking long division answers to ensure they are correct.

So, how do you transform your glassy-eyed students, or those that just don’t “get math” into those that embrace the joy and simplicity of long division?  You turn them into ROBOTS–Division Robots :)!


It isn’t that we don’t want our students thinking, and pondering about mathematical concepts–but, in order to be successful with long division, they really just need to act like a robot.  They need to learn the steps and complete them in the right order–it’s that simple!

You’ll want to begin by teaching your students the terms they will need to know to effectively talk about the steps in each problem. This we’ll do with an instructional poster and flash cards (with fun Melonheadz graphics!)


Then, you’ll go through each of the six steps using a sample problem and instructional posters:

  1. Divide
  2. Multiply
  3. Subtract
  4. Bring down & repeat steps 1-4
  5. Determine if there is a remainder
  6. Check the answer


Now, it is time to put pencil to paper.  Using the task cards included in Division Robots, or other division problems you provide, your students will work the long division using the color/robot-coded graphic organizer and their Student Graphic Reminder Card.



As they get more comfortable with the steps in the process, graduate them to the black & white computation sheets, and then the blank sheets (with the “check” reminder). It won’t be long before your students are Dividing Like Robots!