Sonlight’s Core D

Are your kids starting Sonlight’s Core D this year? You are going to LOVE this year of Sonlight. It is the first year that the readers and read-alones have a meaningful role in the Language Arts assignments.

This will be our fifth year using Core D. And I am excited to share with you some great supplements that will help your children accomplish their work independently.  In our home of eight children, independent seat-work is essential (to my sanity :)!



This year, your children will transition from copywork to dictation. I have found the three-step method of Dictation Done Right to work well for all of my children.  It helps them to get the most out of dictation–and to understand why and when they need to punctuate or capitalize a word.

Slide1Click on the Three-Step picture above to view the steps in detail.  After your children complete Dictation Done Right they will be ready to listen to you read the passage as they write it.



I know it is difficult to get your kids to write a paper each week— we have had our share of tears around here.

Writing should be FUN!

I have found that my kids needed a bit more structure to help them get their creative juices flowing.  That is what I have poured into every page of A YEAR of CREATIVE EXPRESSION for THIRD. Would you like to see the preview? You can here!  It is wonderful how, with the right tools, your children can think through their writing assignments independently!

Enjoy the last few days of summer and have fun this year in Core D–you’re going to LOVE it!

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Mastering Multiplication Giveaway Starts Today!!

My newest giveaway at Teacher’s Notebook has begun! Mastering Multiplication giveaway starts today!! The giveaway will run for the next 10 days and three of you who enter will win! Mastering Multiplication was designed to help your students master their multiplication facts and move them to a greater understanding of the applications of multiplication.


Slide06Your students begin by learning each numbers’ skip count series. Skip counting is a valuable math skill and the foundation of multiplication! Using the Skip Count Assessment sheets, they will systematically apply this knowledge to:Slide07

— completing skip count patterns
— writing and solving equations for arrays
— determining missing factors
— building equivalent fractions
— and solving word problems.




OncSlide08e the multiplication facts for a number are grasped through skip counting, your students can delve into the Units of Measure. On the Units of Measure sheets, your students will:

— learn each number’s (2-8, 10, & 16) prefix, or terms for that number
— visual identify the number’s unit conversions
— apply their skip counting knowledge to discover conversion answers to basic (and more challenging) word problems/task cards



This pack also provides instruction on even and odd numbers, squares (a number times itself) and prime numbers.  Blank multiplication tables, task card recording sheets and tests for fluency are also included.

Did I mention this pack includes:Slide09
Before you enter the giveaway, grab the {FREEBIE} from this pack and see how it will help you teach multiplication this year!