Ready2Learn with Crafts!

Get back to school with this set of self-discovery crafts–fun, hands-on activities for your littlest learners!


Crafts are more than just FUN, they encourage self-expression and develop fine motor skills. This set of crafts focuses on one of your child’s favorite topics–themselves! Here’s all that is included:

My Name Caterpillar—Ordering the letters in their first name. (Editable file for letters included).

My Name Begins With—A to Z Correct letter formation, beginning sound picture match and  letter drawing. These sheets can be used throughout the year to teach letter formation and beginning sounds.

This is Me—Drawing each part of their face and then putting it altogether.

All of Me—Cutting and gluing together their body (head, torso, arms, legs)

My Hand—Outline hand and number their fingers

Is My Foot a Foot?—Outline shoe and measure; compare to a ft.

My Family—Drawing people, cutting and constructing a house

My Birthday is On—Birthday (month/day); counting & labeling

I Live Here—Locating their state on a map of the USA; learning the state abbreviation

State Mobile (state name, flag, bird and flower); editable file for state name and sites for collecting state graphics included

I’ve Been Here—map of USA to color locations; frame for picture or drawing

My Favorite Color—Cut out and color a lollipop…yum! Plus, learn the color names!

My Favorite Animal—Cut out and glue together a finger puppet of their favorite animal

I Like to Eat This for Breakfast—Choosing their favorite breakfast foods and making a “breakfast plate”

I Like These, Too—A place to put all of those extra foods, or animals


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Have a great school year!