New Today!! Star Wars NAME PLATE for K

Your little kinder padawans are going to love these editable double-sided desk helpers!

On the Han & Chewie Language Arts side you will find:

** Correct Letter Formation for Uppercase and Lowercase letters
** Beginning Sound Pictures (includes hard & soft sounds; long and short vowels)
** Highlighted Vowels
** Lines for writing Student’s Name
** Left & Right (hands and words)
** Colors and Color Words in a watercolor set
** Today, Yesterday, Tomorrow graphics/directions
** Days of the Week
** Sentence Writing Rules (visual and written)

On the Luke & Darth Mathematics side there is:

** Correct Number Formation 0-10
** Number Words zero to ten
** Hundreds Chart
** 0-20 Number line
** 2D-3D Object Comparison (with shape names)
** Add & Subtract Number Line Directions (words and symbols)
** Up, Down, More and Less graphics and words
** Money in Cents (front and back of each coin with coin amounts and words; front only of dollar)

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Favorite Reads of 2017 {Sonlight H}

Here is Anders’ favorite book from this school year (Murder for Her Majesty received his top-honors, too).

Anders, age 11

     If your friend was arrested and you knew that he was not guilty would you take on a scary magician to save him? The book Detectives in Togas, by Henry Winterfeld, is an exciting mystery story. It is filled with danger and peril as the boys from the prestigious Xanthos School in ancient Rome try to find a way to save their friend.

Mucius, Antonius and the rest of the boys didn’t believe it when they were told that their friend Rufus had desecrated the temple—a crime deserving death. They were sad that he had been arrested for what they thought was a false accusation. They decided that they where going to try to prove him innocent.

The schoolboys could have given up at many different times. When they found their teacher bound, gagged and stuffed in a wardrobe, they were scared. But they pushed through their fear. While they were looking around the desecrated temple for clues, they found a chain lying on the ground. They thought it might belong to the real criminal. They took the chain to a soothsayer to find out to whom it belonged. The man got really angry and threw snakes at them, which surprised and scared them. They ran away afraid. But, then the pieces started falling into place.

I think this book in an exciting mystery story. It is also a story of how friends never give up on each other. This is why it is my favorite book this school year.

Favorite Reads of 2017 {Sonlight F}

I remember the first year we did Sonlight’s Core F (back in 2012). I was simply amazed at the wonderful books we were reading and kept wondering why I had never encountered them during my school years! That is one of the strengths of this curriculum. And this core is special–the history and literature provide such a rich, flavorful introduction to the Eastern Hemisphere. It is especially meaningful for those of us who have yet to visit that part of the world.

Here is Knud’s (age 10) favorite read from this year:

Where the Mountain Meets the Moon by Grace Lin is the story of one girl’s desire to change her family’s fortune. Minli lives near the imaginary Fruitless Mountain. She is the only child of a poor rice farming family. Her childhood is filled with the fanciful stories her Ba tells her. His stories give her hope that the poverty they live in can change.

One night, her Ba tells her about the Old Man of the Moon and how he can fix anything. She went to bed that night determined to go find him. Soon, she leaves her Ma and Ba in search of this wizard. Along the way she meets a flightless dragon that needs her help. Her friendship with him opens her eyes to other’s needs. When she finally meets the Old Man of the Moon she is told she can ask him only one question. Will she decide to change her own fortune, or help the flightless dragon?

This book is a good reminder of how, even a child, can help their family and friends.


Favorite Reads from 2017 {Sonlight Core E, Fourth Grade}

There are lots of great books in Core E. You can see what the kids liked last year here and here. This year Annelise, age 8, really enjoyed In Search of the Source. It is a pretty awesome book about missionaries to a tribal people in Papua New Guinea and the struggles they went through to not only share the gospel, but to give them the written Word of God.  Here is what Annelise had to say:

  Annelise, age 8

In his book, In Search of the Source, Neil Anderson and his family share the gospel with the Folopa tribe of Papua New Guinea. Along the way there are many difficulties, but the power of God’s word helps them find a way through. This is a story of true faith, bravery and lovingkindness.

Neil and his family went to Papua New Guinea to translate the Bible into the Folopa language. To do this, they had to learn the language and make it into a written language; be accepted by the people; and teach them how to read. God had called them to do a BIG JOB!

On the first day of translating, Neil had begun to write, but he was struggling to find a Folopa word for “created”. It was hard for him to describe it, and harder still for the Folopans to understand what he was asking. Two days later, on a hunting trip, he found the answer in a surprising way while eating a leaf-plateful of grubs!

This account is full of the amazing ways God reveals Himself to man, and helps someone like Neil to do the work He had called him to do. The faith that the Folopans had and the joy they found in knowing Christ encouraged me and I know you will enjoy it, too.

Favorite Reads from 2017 {Sonlight B, First Grade}

Another year has passed, and a lot of books have been read around here. I asked each of the kids to pick their Favorite Read from the 2016-2017 school year, and here is our first review. It is from Finn, age 6. He just completed Sonlight’s Core B (First Grade).  He really wanted to tell you his TOP 7 favorite books (Mr. Popper’s Penguins, Homer Price, Missionary Stories with the Millers were rated high on his list, too), but here is the one (okay, two) he gave top honors to:

Finn, age 6

Would you pull out your best friend’s tooth in the middle of the night? Karl Erikson, D.D.S (extracts teeth under complete anesthesia, or a good night’s rest) did that for his friend, Olaf. He is one of the happy kids from Noisy Village.

Happy Times in Noisy Village was my favorite book this year because it is really funny. There are stories about the things kids do every day that will make you laugh. One time the boys took over the girls’ snow-fort and the girls had to make snowballs for them for the rest of the day. Another time the kids were trying to sell cherries along the side of the road. It was a busy road, and nobody would stop. Karl started getting angry about no one stopping, so he jumped out in the middle of the road (sort of) and a car stopped. The story about Olaf’s loose tooth is the funniest. You’ll just have to read that one!


Half-price today and tomorrow! These posters are perfect for teaching number sense and correct number formation to your youngest padawans.

Each Star Wars Anchor Chart includes:
* Correct Number Formation
* Number Word
* Melonheadz Star Wars Character 10 or 20-Frame
* Counting Stars
* Lightsaber Tally-marks
* Tie Fighter Dice (for numbers 0-10)
* Death Star Dominoes (for numbers 11-20)

These posters coordinate with the KINDERGARTEN JEDI CENTERS and KINDERGARTEN JEDI CORRECT LETTER FORMATION cards and posters. Grab them in a bundle here!


The perfect addition to your Star Wars-themed classroom—a lightsaber number line! These come in Black Galaxy and Silver.  They are 3″ tall (the hilt is 4″ tall by 13.5″ long). You can add your favorite paper behind the blade for a “glowing” effect.



These number lines can grow as your students practice and master each group of tens.  A lightsaber tip for each of the 10s is included in the set.

These are half-off until Wednesday!!