Record This Year’s Favorites

As we enter the last month of our homeschool year, I find myself making mental notes about next year, and getting nostalgic about this one.  Another school year is coming to a close. Yes, it is good to be nearing the finish line, but I want to capture where each of my kids is right now and bottle it up.  What if I forget the joys from this year?  And the struggles that motivated us to work harder and dig a little deeper? I want to be able to look back years from now and reminisce about our homeschool journey.  So, this week I had my kids record this year’s favorites and look ahead to our summer break.  Here is a look at what we used:


There is one for the boys and another for the girls.  All of my children enjoyed filling in their favorites. My first grader needed a bit of help spelling a few things she wanted to write, but otherwise had fun on her own filling it in and coloring it! (The recording sheets in My Favorite Things are printer-friendly,black-and-white, and can be colored by your kids).  There is also an autograph page, so you can record all your students’ signatures. Click on the picture below if you’d like to grab them to use with your kids.

Slide1Record This Year’s Favorites


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