Favorite Reads of 2017 {Sonlight F}

I remember the first year we did Sonlight’s Core F (back in 2012). I was simply amazed at the wonderful books we were reading and kept wondering why I had never encountered them during my school years! That is one of the strengths of this curriculum. And this core is special–the history and literature provide such a rich, flavorful introduction to the Eastern Hemisphere. It is especially meaningful for those of us who have yet to visit that part of the world.

Here is Knud’s (age 10) favorite read from this year:

Where the Mountain Meets the Moon by Grace Lin is the story of one girl’s desire to change her family’s fortune. Minli lives near the imaginary Fruitless Mountain. She is the only child of a poor rice farming family. Her childhood is filled with the fanciful stories her Ba tells her. His stories give her hope that the poverty they live in can change.

One night, her Ba tells her about the Old Man of the Moon and how he can fix anything. She went to bed that night determined to go find him. Soon, she leaves her Ma and Ba in search of this wizard. Along the way she meets a flightless dragon that needs her help. Her friendship with him opens her eyes to other’s needs. When she finally meets the Old Man of the Moon she is told she can ask him only one question. Will she decide to change her own fortune, or help the flightless dragon?

This book is a good reminder of how, even a child, can help their family and friends.


Last Week of School

I always like looking back over the school year during the last week of school. It amazes me what my kids have learned.  I enjoy filling their final notebook with all the highlights of the year–their creative writing; calendar worksheets; math fluency and scripture memory sheets.

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And, of course, my kids LOVE getting their awards!

I also like having them recount their “favorites.”  The kids all have fun reading each others answers. I enjoy seeing what they consider to be their achievements. I also like getting a peak at the dreams (for their future and the summer) that they don’t always verbalize.



Solo’s Sound Wars

You may have noticed that Kindergarten Jedi is loaded with fun and engaging math and literacy worksheets (print-n-go) for your young padawans. But, did you know that it also has a wonderful word building game that all your kids can enjoy together?Slide3

Solo’s Sound Wars will challenge your kindergarteners to sound out and build CVC and CVCC words. It will also allow your older children to demonstrate their spelling abilities and teach the younger ones something new!

My fifth, third, second and kindergarten children played Solo’s Sound Wars with some FUN and AMAZING results!


They built plenty of CVC words; used the true blends and double consonants; and demonstrated mastery of vowel teams!