Independent Seatwork Activities with Sonlight’s Core C

One of the cores I taught last year was Sonlight’s Core C.  This was my third time through this particular core.  And though I love Sonlight’s Language Arts (especially the read-alouds and read-alones), I don’t find the activity sheets too helpful.  You can use them as recording sheets.  But, what I needed was something to put in my son’s workbox.  Something with directions (which are only found in the Instructor’s Guide) and inspiration…some independent seatwork.    So, instead of searching the web for hands-on activities to add to his daily Language Arts assignments, I made printables that he could use to complete the Language Arts 2 activities. Not extra busy-work…but independent seatwork you can use with Sonlight.

Here is a peek of the independent seatwork for Week 1:

Slide01Day One:  Compound Word Cards & Recording Sheet to help your child learn this week’s spelling words.

Day Two: Punctuation Rule Cards that your child will use to complete this week’s Copywork Application, Creative Expression, and Write a Sentence, or Two activities.  You will want to store these on a loose-leaf ring (because we will add to them throughout the year) and have them handy each week. Sentence Scramble is a hands-on print & go sheet.  Your child will cut out the color-coded word tiles at the bottom of the page, put then in and order that makes sense and then record the sentences.

Day Three:  Descriptive Words is a student planning sheet with prompts to help your child prepare to write their descriptive paragraph on Day Four.  You can give this to your child to fill in on their own; or use it when you meet with your child to help guide their creative writing preparations.

Day Four:  Animal Description Recording Sheet has room for your child to record (or dictate to you, and you record) their paragraph and draw a picture of the animal they are describing.

Day Five: Write a Sentence, or Two is a weekly sentence writing challenge.  This week’s challenge is to write sentences, using the spelling words presented on Day One, that begin with a capital letter and end with a period, question mark or exclamation point.  Be sure to have this week’s Punctuation Rule Cards handy!  I Spy Adjectives is a workbox-friendly I Spy activity.  Your child will write down descriptive words (adjectives) for the things they see in the picture. Download a free copy of this sheet by clicking the link below (all the artwork is by Melonheadz):


I Spy Adjectives!

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