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Favorite Reads from 2016 {Sonlight’s Core D/E}

Here are Annelise’s favorite books from this past school year.


Annelise, 7

As Om-kas-toe and his sister were serving as lookouts for their Blackfeet tribe, the discovered a strange animal. Life for their tribe would never be the same. Om-kas-toe, by Kenneth Tomasma, was my favorite read-alone book from this school year. In this book Om-kas-toe learns how to hunt, fish and take care of himself. He has lots of exciting adventures in this book. The most exciting is how he captured the elk-dog. You’ll have to read Om-kas-toe to find out what happened.

I listened to my brother, Knud’s Core E read-alouds this year. Caddie Woodland, by Carol Ryrie Brink was my favorite book that we read together. Caddie spends most of her time with two of her brothers. She’d rather be outside having adventures and getting dirty with them, than be inside learning how to sew and cook like the other girls. This story is based on the real life of Carol Brink’s grandma. It takes place during the 1860s in the woods of western Wisconsin. This is a great book to listen to. You’ll like hearing about Caddie and her brothers’ adventures—some are really funny!

MATH BOOKLETS {Half-off TODAY & a Freebie!}


These MATH BOOKLETS are a GREAT addition to your Kindergarten math curriculum! They are designed to reinforce the Algebraic Operations & Thinking that your little ones need to master before advancing to First Grade.

There are 21 booklets in this set:

I Can Add 1 to That
I Can Add to 2 with Me and You
I Can Count by 2 with Shoes
I Can Add to 3 at the Sea
I Can Count by 3 with Peas, Please
I Can Add to 4 at the Store
I Can Count by 4 with Paws & Hooves
I Can Add to 5 with my Fingers
I Can Count by 5 with Gumballs & Nickels
I Can Take Away from 5 Little Monkeys
I Can Add to 6 when I Eat
I Can Take Away from 6 (The Very Hungry Caterpillar)
I Can Add to 7 with Easter Eggs
I Can Take Away from 7 Apples
I Can Add to 8 with Ollie the Octopus
I Can Take Away from 8 Trick or Treat
I Can Add to 9 with my Potato Peep
I Can Take Away from 9 with Birds on a Line
I Can Add to 10 and Celebrate!
I Can Count by 10 with Candy & Dimes
I Can Take Away from 10 at the Amusement Park

In the first half of each I Can Add Booklet, as you read the text, your students will glue in the numeral tiles, or write in the numbers to make the equations true. This section teaches the commutative property—i.e. your students will learn that whether they add 3 + 1 or 1 + 3 the answer will be 4.

Then they will practice writing all previous numbers and tallying the target number. Next, they will glue in number representation (or picture) tiles as demonstrated in the first half of the book and write each equation. A base ten frame with the target number highlighted is included to help your visual learners.



The I Can Take Away Booklets (beginning with the number 5) are laid out in a similar fashion. Your students will decompose numbers less than or equal to 10 into pairs using object and numeral tiles (and crossing out those items that were taken away). Then they will record each decomposition by writing the equation. Number lines for “jumping back” are included on the equation recording pages.



The I Can Count By (2, 3, 4, 5, & 10) Booklets will encourage your students’ mastery of these skip count series. Common units (pairs, quadrupeds, pennies, nickels and dimes) are presented in these booklets. Your students will count within the series using these units and a number line.


These booklets are easy to use. Simply print, cut, stack and staple! Your kids will need a crayon or pencil, scissors and glue.

These booklets are on sale {HALF OFF} today–HAPPY 4th of JULY!! You can grab them here!


I’ve also posted this sample booklet–it’s a freebie! Grab yours here!