Did your little jedi’s have fun learning with Kindergarten Jedi? Their adventure continues with PADWAN MATH!


It is a math smorgasbord for First Graders. Here’s a look at what’s included:


**I Spy Shapes Booklet (Color & Count 2- and 3-Dimensional droid shapes)

**May the Fourth Calendar Sheet–includes even/odd; writing the date numerically; season identification; number of days in the month; number of days in school—one more/less and ten more/less; written as hundreds, ten and ones; as a place value equation and as money; skip counting by 4s and a simple word problem based on fourths.

**May the Fourth Ten Frames (Use this sheet to help your students count Days in School—1/2 a ten frame (5 days) for each week

**Stormtrooper’s Skip Counting (by 5s and by 10s)

**Chewie’s Countdown (Write the numbers from 24 to 0 in descending order)

**Chewie’s Ten More/Ten Less (Use the spinner to select a number; then write 10 more & 10 less)

**Luke’s Spin, Write and Subtract (Subtraction within 20)

**Luke’s Lost Addends (fill in the missing number to make the equation true)

**Luke’s Locate and Add (choose the two numbers, when added together, equal the number in the middle of the circle)


**Darth’s Double and Take Two (Double the number given; then subtract two from that answer)

**Yoda’s True or False (sort the equations)

**Leia’s Find the Fraction (Choose the right answer for the fraction represented by the shaded area)

**Leia’s Equivalents (Circle the fractions in each grouping that are equivalent)

**Leia’s Lines of Symmetry (Draw the mirror image of the mask shown)

**Han’s Half-sies (Draw a straight line between the dots to cut the object in half)

**Han’s Halve it! (Color half of each group of items)

**Han’s Teaching Clock (base clock with quarter and half hour overlays)

**Han’s Half Hour Hop (Draw the time on each clock—a half hour more than the time shown on the previous clock)

**Han’s Time to Travel I (time to the half hour)

**Han’s Time to Travel II (time to the quarter hour)

**C3PO’s Droid Store I (More or Less; Write the Inequality)

**C3PO’s Droid Store II (Determine the coins that make the amount of each droid part)

**C3PO’s Money Chart (Use with C3PO’s Droid Store)


**Padawan Sum Wars Board Game (addition and subtraction within 40, inequalities, adding three numbers, and ten more)

**Swat a Sith Time Game—30 Star Wars themed time scenario cards (quarter, half and full hour before and after). Your students will SWAT the answer to each time change scenario. Clocks for every quarter hour are included. Blank clocks and editable time scenario cards are also included.

Yep, get out the flyswatter–your kids are going to love swatting that Sith!



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